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Welcome to the Storyteller section of the site. Below are all of the storytellers and staff of Seattle's longest running Live Action Role Playing game. Also check out the following:

Directions to Game
Storyteller Essays

Email me. You never call, you never write. And you call yourself my Childe. For twelve grueling hours I labored to Embrace you and this is the thanks I get? You should be ashamed of yourself! What is that you are wearing? Do you want to make your Grandsire's heart start beating again? Who taught you to dress like that, the circus? And there you go, out the door to that silly Elysium of yours, all dressed like you're a rock and roll star or something.

Current Emerald Chronicles Vampire Sphere Storytellers:

Email Note: Add the Tag XInfluences for influence-related email or
XLetters for 'in-character' letters to NPCs or
XMidweek for general midweek actions related to your character
at the top of your email to speed up your results for these topics!

                                                                        Head Vampire Storyteller 
          (Brendan Keating AKA Hawkeye) 
         Assistant Vampire ST
         (Tim AKA Iron Man)
            Assistant Vampire ST
          (Galen AKA The Vision)
         Assistant Vampire ST
      (Sheena AKA Black Widow)
         Assistant Vampire ST
      (Squeeks AKA Spiderman)
           Assistant Vampire ST
      (Sabrina AKA Dark Phoenix)
          Assistant Vampire ST
            (Kevin AKA Thor)
           Assistant Vampire AST
      (Kevin B AKA AlphaKevin)

Current Storytellers may be listed by their titles and general areas of expertise, but any Storyteller can help a player with any concern, rules call or adjudication in most cases.

Player Advocates

The EC Vampire Staff long ago realized that in a large game with so many dramatic personalities, it's impossible to meet every need, answer every question, and take time out to address every concern - especially during the limited window of game time, when most of our focus is on telling stories. Also, sometimes players might not feel comfortable bringing concerns directly to a Storyteller out of politeness or for other personal reasons. Because of this, we've created the Player Advocates. These are regular players, many of them seasoned, whose job it is to keep an ear out for out of game concerns, and be a resource to players who might need someone to take a moment just to listen, and perhaps bring those concerns to the storytellers. At player discretion, PA's may be asked to bring concerns to the Storytellers anonymously.

You can email  the ECC Player Advocates one at a time for sensitive issues, or at their group email address at: playeradvocates@emeraldcitychronicles.com which emails all PA's only. Staff and Combat Advocates are not on this list, so if you wish to include them in your request or complaint, please CC them in your message.

Rules Advocates/Narrators

Can't find a storyteller? Need to know what stats to test to have your character hack off a Werewolf's right toenail while blindfolded on top of a moving train? These poor suckers... er, I mean dedicated ECC'ers have volunteered to help adjudicate rules calls and run combats if need be.

Paperwork/Bookkeeping Advocates

If the Bookkeeping ST is busy and you need someone to record an XP expenditure, get basic item cards stamped, find out how much XP you have or any number of other minutia, thes bookish sorts have got your back.

None currently. Interested in the job? Email the Storytellers above. 

Web Development, Message Board Admin, Site hosting:

Hi! I'm the Webmonkey. I make things go. Got questions about the nuts and bolts of the site? Please shoot me an email. Thanks!

Chris S.